Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mushroom Class and Walk was a huge success!

On September 8, we hosted Aton Forest's best attended event ever, the Wild Mushroom Foray and Feast, led by food writer and mycologist Andrew Janjigian. Andrew gave a great lecture, and the thunderstorms parted for us to take a long walk in the forest, where we saw a surprisingly large number of species of mushrooms, considering the dry summer, if in small amounts. The familiar and safe Sulfur Shelf, or chicken of the woods, was out, as well as small chanterelles. Andrew introduced us to many unfamiliar fungi, including the "glow in the dark" mushroom and others. At nearly 40 attendees, the group was a bit unwieldy for walking as one, but extremely convivial.

Due to the popularity of this event, we will be repeating it in 2013, possibly in 2 classes. If anyone wants more copies of the handout, including the list of recommended resources and mushroom guide books, please email contact@atonforest.org or call (860) 542-5125, and we can email or mail it to you.